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Seeing Wellness Medical Clinic

​Your personal GP

We are a reservation-only clinic.

Customized health inspections and treatments, Holistic and Prevention Health care services.

A one-stop solution to all your health problems.

😞 Can't figure out the reason for your exhaustion and pain?

😞 Stressed out because of work, school, family and relationships?

😞 Worrying about mental and physical health of family members?

😞 Confused by different choices of supplements?

 Come to Seeing Clinic. Let us take care of you.   

Gastric distress, diarrhea, constipation

Long-term insomnia, light sleep, fatigue

customized supplements, consultation, IV drip

Tailored workout and nutrition plan

consultation, medication, referrals to psychotherapists

Allergy test and treatments

herpes zosterHPVInfluenza


skin whitening,

lipodissolve Injection ,


metabolism boosting,

liver aid,detox


Body Composition Analysis, Tests for allergy, blood, gene, autonomic nervous system

Stress, Depression, Lack of motivation, digestive and sleep issues

Colds, coughs, sore throats, rhinitis, allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, gout, pain...etc. All can be treated with medications and non-med treatments.

Opening Hours:​

  • ​Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri 13:00~21:30
  • Sat, Sun 12:00~19:00

  • ​Closed on all Wednesdays​

Please note we take reservations only, please book an appointment through phone, email or live chat beforehand.

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Please download LINE messages app and save scan QR code to join live chat with our counter staff. Contact us now and we will respond during opening hours :)

Our beliefs and mission at Seeing Clinic

The core of our goal is to provide holistic health care to all of our clients. 

Our slogan is

"Balance your mind and body,

changes will follow."

We take reservations only because we want to make sure every client has their own personal time and to be fully taken care of. Our rooms are sound proof as we regard your privacy as our top most priority. We do not disclose any personal information without your consent.​

During your personal counseling sessions we would answer all of your questions, design health plan tailored to your needs, explain the results of your tests and inspections as detailed as you wish.

We are here to fulfill all of your requests,

like the GP of you and your family in Taiwan!


The issue of Taiwanese healthcare system

The Taiwanese healthcare system provides very affordable services compared to other countries. However, because of the convenience and low cost, there are also risks of abuse of said system. When the health care system is overflowed with large amount of medical demands, and when all healthcare professionals constantly work overtime with unreasonable workloads, the care quality they could provide declined. People wait for hours to get to talk to professionals, and only have minutes to ask questions; not to mention receiving explanation for test results and reports.

According to the statistics, Taiwanese people spend less than ten minutes in the clinic room by average. There are no time for the doctors to gain enough understanding of patient history, thus can’t provide accurate treatments when it comes to more complex issues. This also causes public distrust in medical system.

This is the situation we desperately want to change.


We aim to recreate the GP system in Taiwan

At Seeing Wellness clinic, we want to establish the GP system that is very common in Europe and the US. We want to provide personal time dedicated to each single client, thus we only take reservations.

We value holistic health care for our clients, and we also care for you as our friends.

We have abundant med and non-med treatment options available, and we endeavor to provide the best service experience with your well-being and privacy on our mind.

Seeing Wellness Medical Clinic
Your personal healthcare counselor

Seeing Wellness Medical Clinic is led by Dr. Chung, an exceptional family medicine doctor and psychologist. We provide healthcare to all clients in all aspects.


We aim for an environment that feels like home but also doesn't take away our professional expertise. As a personal healthcare counselor dedicated to your needs, you no longer have to rush in and out of the room but not able to find a solution to your problems. A lot of somatic symptoms are rooted in mental health issues. In Seeing clinic, we treat the symptoms and also dive deep to the cause of them to deal with them thoroughly.


We cooperate with Seeing Counseling Center, which is also an outstanding psychotherapy clinic in the field. Our feature is the two-way referral system, that clients in talk therapy are referred to our clinic for medication and non-med treatments, and vice versa. Besides treating illness, our goal is to prevent illness in the first place and improve your overall health. All of your needs could be met with our one stop solution.


"Over 90 percent of the time, our physical and mental symptoms are dealt with separately. When we feel ill, we take medication or even get surgeries. If we are having a rough time, we go to talk therapies.


However, our mind and body are intertwined in a delicate way. For example, when the storm of stress from career and relationships overwhelm us, our heart rates go up, we lose appetite, and we sweat. If we face long-term stress, it might disrupt our endocrine and immune system.


Therefore, we need a professional team who specialize in the body and mind, who understand the needs of our clients. We shall become the strong support system in your life, with a holistic point of view who provide accurate and effective treatments."

​- Dr. Chung Yao Ren

Words from Dr.Chung

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